Upgrading Dataedo Application using Docker Compose

Marcin Gaweł - Dataedo Team Marcin Gaweł 20th November, 2023
Applies to: Dataedo 23.x versions, Article available also for: 24.x (current)
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This tutorial will guide you through upgrading your Dataedo Portal application using Docker Compose.


  • An existing installation of Docker and Docker Compose
  • Access to a terminal or command prompt

Upgrade Process:

Open the Docker Compose file: Navigate to the directory containing your Dataedo Docker Compose file. Open the file in a text editor (for example Nano) for editing.

cd path_to_your_dataedo_directory
nano docker-compose.yml

Edit the Docker Compose file: In the docker-compose.yml file, locate the section defining the Dataedo service. Change the image tag to the latest version of Dataedo for API and UI. For example, if upgrading to version x.y.z, modify the line as follows:

image: dataedo/web_ui:x.y.z
image: dataedo/web_api:x.y.z

Save the changes and exit the editor (in Nano, press Ctrl + X, then Y to confirm, and Enter to save).

Apply the changes by restarting Docker Compose. This command will stop the running container and start a new one with the updated version:

docker compose up -d

Verify the Upgrade:

Check that the new container is running with the updated version of Dataedo:

docker compose ps


For assistance or if you encounter any issues during the upgrade process, contact the Dataedo support team at support@dataedo.com.

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