Get column name length distribution in MariaDB database

The query below returns the distribution of the column name lengths (number of characters) for all databases (schemas).


select char_length(col.column_name) as column_name_length,
    count(*) as columns,
    count(distinct tab.table_name) as tables
from information_schema.tables as tab
    inner join information_schema.columns as col
        on tab.table_schema = col.table_schema
            and tab.table_name = col.table_name
where tab.table_type = 'BASE TABLE'
    -- and tab.table_schema = 'your database name'
group by char_length(col.column_name)
order by char_length(col.column_name);

Note: if you need the information for a specific database (schema), then uncomment the table_schema line and provide your database name.


  • column_name_length - length in column name characters
  • columns - number of columns with this length
  • tables - number of tables that have columns with this name length


  • One row: represents one name length (number of characters)
  • Scope of rows: each column length that exists in a database (schema)
  • Ordered by: ascending length (from 1 to max)

Sample results

If you put this information in a chart, it will look like this:

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