Get column name length distribution in Vertica database

Bart Gawrych - Dataedo Team Bart Gawrych 2019-10-31

Table of Contents:

    Query below returns distribution of column name lengths (number of characters).


    select length(column_name) as col_name_length,
           count(*) as columns,
           count(distinct table_id) as tables
    from v_catalog.columns
    group by length(column_name)
    order by col_name_length desc;


    • col_name_length - lenght in characters of column name
    • columns - number of columns with this length
    • tables - number of tables that have columns with this name length


    • One row represents one name lenght (number of characters)
    • Scope of rows: each column length that exists in a database
    • Ordered by length ascending (from 1 to max)

    Sample results

    Sample column name length distribution in VMart sample database.

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