Data Profiling in Dataedo Web Catalog

Mac Lewandowski - Dataedo Team Mac Lewandowski 4th November, 2021
Applies to: Dataedo 10.x versions, Article available also for: 23.x (current)
You are looking at documentation for an older release.
Switch to the documentation for Dataedo 23.x (current).

Column profile

You can view saved Data Profiling results using Web Portal. Peak into both Distribution and Top values on Table Columns list.

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Also you can navigate to column details and preview all data on Profiling tab. Notice, that you can click on the Distribution bar on the previous screen, to get redirected quicky.

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Table profile

For tables, you can view Row Count for the table. Both from table list view.

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And also on table details view.

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There is no possibility to start profiling from the Web Catalog.

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