Dataedo Web Catalog Overview

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Dataedo Web Catalog is an on premises, self-hosted web portal for easy and interactive access to the metadata stored in Dataedo data catalog, contributing to community (with comments, rating, questions etc.) and documentation (with descriptions, manual objects and more).

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Access to Dataedo Web Catalog requires one of following licenses:

  1. Enterprise – Data Stewards/Editors,
  2. Enterprise Viewers – Community Users.

Community Users (require Enterprise Viewer license) with Dataedo Web Catalog can:

  1. Browse and search the catalog,
  2. Contribute to the community with comments, rating, questions, warnings etc. (available from 9.1)

Data Stewards/Editors (requireEnterprise license) with Dataedo Web Catalog can:

  1. Edit data asset descriptions (available from 9.1),
  2. Do everything that Community Users can

Temporary solution for Editors (10.0 and 10.1) With version 10.0 we brought online licenses for Dataedo Desktop and since Users management is planned for the 10.2 version of the Web Catalog, for now, if you wish to grant any new user, editing permission in the Web Catalog, please put the WEB_CATALOG_EDITOR value in the correct row in the licenses table, in the key column.


Dataedo Desktop and Dataedo Web Catalog can be used on the same repository and complete each other.

With each version we are planning to add more functionalities currently available only in Desktop.

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