Security Considerations - Data Profiling

Applies to: Dataedo 23.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x

Default behavior

By default, when installed, Dataedo does not allow you to save profiled data in the repository. Users can only execute profiling in desktop and analyze results in a window as long as it's open. This behavior can be changed for the specific repository to Disabled or Read/Save.

How to disable Data Profiling?

You can disable Data Profling by setting DISABLED value in the dbo.configuration repository table. Read more in the Data Profiling Configuration article.

Where is the data saved?

Data collected during profiling are saved in the repository, only when the user performs a save action. The data are saved in column_values table, and some data can be found in the value_min, value_max, value_string_min and value_string_max fields in the columns table.

Metadata (like calculated averages, or rows count) are saved in new columns in the tables, tables_stats and columns tables. In case you are thinking about saving GDPR relevant data, please consider adding above as places where your GDPR data might be stored.

Find out more about which columns store what data in Dataedo Repository Schema Documentation.

How to remove Data Profiling data?

In order to remove saved data from the database, you should use built in Dataedo Desktop option of Clearing Profiling Data on all tables, for which Profiling Data is saved. Altenatively you can access the repository database, and purge columns_values table and clear correct columns from tables, tables_stats and columns values.

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