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Dataedo Desktop

Dataedo Desktop is a Windows application that is the original Dataedo user interface. It is meant for people building a catalog and creating a documentation. Some of the functionalities are only available in desktop (adding sources, defining custom fields, etc.), other make it much more convenient for people producing content (more convenient editors, suggestions, bulk updates, etc.).

Dataedo Desktop Overview

Dataedo Web Catalog

Dataedo Web Catalog is a newer product and is built for people working with data to discover and learn about data in the organization. It is convenient for day-to-day use with ad hoc updates. Big differentiator of the web is a data community module that allows users to discuss, interact, ask questions, and share their knowledge.

Dataedo Web Catalog Overview


Feature Desktop Web Catalog
Purpose Building a catalog, creating and maintaining a documentation Browsing catalog and documentation
Users Data stewards, architects Data analysts, business users, everyone working with data
Data Dictionary Viewing and editing descriptions Viewing and editing descriptions
Subject Areas Defining and viewing Viewing
Diagrams Creating and viewing manual diagrams Dynamic diagrams, viewing manual diagrams
Business Glossary Creating, editing and viewing Viewing, dynamic diagrams
Schema Change Tracking Browsing and comments Browsing soon
Classifications Discovery, classifications and manual curation Browsing - field level and summary
Data Profiling Performing profiling, viewing Viewing
Editing Descriptions, subject areas, business glossary, bulk update, suggestions Descriptions
Designer Yes -
Search Yes Yes
Data Community - Yes
Adding and scanning sources Yes -
Exporting documentation Yes -
Defining custom fields Yes -
Authentication Windows, Active Directory Windows, Active Directory, Okta/SAML
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