Report Catalog in Dataedo

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x, 23.x

Report catalog allows you to document reports - either importing automatically or adding them manually. This allows you to have all of your reports, visualizations and datasets catalogued in one place. Data Lineage allows you show the lineage right from the data source, throught the BI dataset to report or viualization.

BI connectors

  • Power BI
  • SSRS (soon)
  • Tableau (soon)
  • Redash (soon)


Dataedo allows you to build a catalog of reports in your BI tools. Each report can be described as any other asset in the catalog - with titles/aliases, descriptions, custom fields and linked to business terms. Some imported reports can be displayed with preview directly from Web Catalog.

Image title

Report visualizations and fields

Dataedo will extract structue of your reports (sections/pages, visualizations/charts, fields). You can describe each report element and link it to business terms in business glossary.

Power Bi Report


Datedo will document Datasets as well. On a sceenshot below, you can see list of datasets and for each dataset Dataset will document both tables and columns.

Power Bi Dataset

Data Lineage

One of the most powerful parts of Report Catalog is Data Lineage. This feature allows you to show the whole data flow until it is shown to the user. On following example, you can see simplified Data Lineage, showing the flow from IP database, through report Dataset all the way to an actual Report

Power Bi Data Lineage

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