How to view and edit table and column comments with Toad for SQL Server

Bart Gawrych - Dataedo Team Bart Gawrych 2019-04-25

Table of Contents:

    In this article I will show you how to edit column and table description in Toad for SQL Server.

    Option 1: Using Explorer

    Open Object Explorer by Tool -> Explorer or click on the Explorer icon in menu.

    In the new opened window:

    1. expand Databases, [your database name] and Tables branches.
    2. select Tables branch - list should appear in the Viewer.
    3. if you want to edit table description right click -> MS_Description or Alter Table then switch to Extended Properties

    Table Description

    Column Description

    To edit table comment switch to Columns option. In column list choose column then change value of the Description field.

    Option 2: Using Find

    This option is useful when you want to find all tables which contain specific column name (i.e. ‘FirstName’) and describe them.

    Open Find tool which you can find as icon in main menu (under Tools -> Find or just by pressing F4 key.)

    In new opened window (Object Search):

    1. in Database section choose a database
    2. in Object types uncheck all by right click -> Uncheck All
    3. in Search textbox provide wildcard sign (%)
    4. in Column search section check Tables
    5. click on Search button (or Append to add new search results to current results)
    6. you can change column order for better readability by drag and drop column header to grouping section

    Now you can, like in previous option, edit table and column description by right click -> MS_Description or Alter Table.

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