How to view and edit table and column comments with Aqua Data Studio

Bart Gawrych - Dataedo Team Bart Gawrych 2019-04-12

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    This tutorial will show you how to view and edit table and column comments using Aqua Data Studio.

    In both options we will use the Server Panel, so open it by clicking the Servers tab (Fig. 1 [1]), or clicking Window -> Show/Hide Server Panel in the toolbar (Fig. 1 [2]), or by CTRL + ALT + F1 shortcut.

    Fig. 1. Make Server Panel visible

    Edit tables and columns comment

    In the Server Panel expand Tables branch in your schema and find the table to view/edit comment. Right click on it and select either Table properties only view the comment, or Alter Table to edit them.

    Fig. 2. [1] Alter Table, [2] Table Properties

    In the new window, you will see table columns and its properties. To view a column's comments just click on it. Below column list, you should see properties list with comment field (Fig. 2 [1]). If you don’t see this window, use the anchor (Fig. 2 [2]) to slide it up. If you chose Alter Table this field will be editable.

    Fig. 3. Columns comments in table properties

    To view table comment you must switch from the General tab to the Comments tab. If you have modified comments remember to save changes by clicking on the Alter button.

    Fig. 4. Table comment in table properties window

    For some DBMS this might look a little different. For example in SQL Server column comments are in Extended Properties field (Fig. 4 [1]) and table comments are under Extended Properties tab (Fig. 4 [2]) instead.

    Fig. 5. Comments in SQL Server connection

    View Comments in an ER Diagram

    You can view table and column comments in generated ER Diagram, although they won't be editable. In order to do this, right click on any single database/schema or any object in a schema in the Servers Panel and select Tools -> ER Diagram Generator.

    Fig. 6. ER Diagram generator in context menu

    In the new window, you can choose a specific schema, or set the Schema field to < All Schemas >. Select the object types which comments you want to view and objects to include. Make sure to check Include Comments box. Then click the Next button.

    Fig. 7. ER Diagram Generator options

    When ER diagram is generated, you can click on Display Comments button (Fig. 8 [1]) to show comments in bottom of table. To view column comment click on entity - comments are in Comments column (Fig. 8 [2]) in Object Properties (click it or press CTRL + ALT + F10 if it's not visible). You can find table comments there too by switching to Comments tab (Fig. 8 [3]).

    Fig. 8. [1] Display Comments button, [2] Column comments in Object Properties,
    [3] Table Comments tab

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