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Stanislaw Aniola - Dataedo Team Stanislaw Aniola 10th March, 2022
Applies to: Dataedo 10.x versions, Article available also for: 23.x (current)
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Sometimes you way want to run Dataedo Desktop in special configurations, for example without graphics acceleration or with higher repository timeout value. Here's how to use parameters to do it:

1. Use command line

  1. Open the Start menu or Windows search bar and type in “cmd”.

windows search DataedoParameter

  1. In opened console, type path to Dataedo.exe file in quotation marks, then add the parameter at the end of line. The path to file can by found by selecting Dataedo.exe in directory folder and clicking on “copy path” option in the floder’s Home tab.


This will start Dataedo with configuration specified by the parameter.

2. Use pre-selected parameters

  1. Create a Dataedo shortcut by clicking right mouse button on Dataedo.exe and selecting “create shortcut” option.

  2. Open the created shortcut properties by right clicking on it.


  1. Select the Shortcut tab and add the parameter at the end of line in Target field.


Opening this shortcut will now run Dataedo with the specified parameter.

List all parameters available in Dataedo.

To list all parameters available, simply run Dataedo with /? as the parameter.

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