Dataedo Licenses - FAQ & Troubleshooting

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x, 23.x


After upgrading Dataedo 10.0 or newer I lost access to my license

Learn more about converting legacy key to new online licenses

When I sign into Desktop I see no licenses available

There might be a few reasons why you do not see a license in Dataedo Desktop:

  1. You logged in with different email,
  2. Your email/domain is not assigned to any license,
  3. Your email did not fit into number of available users of the license you are assigned to,
  4. Subscription might have expired.

Dataedo Account

How I can access to my account/subscription in Dataedo Account?

Learn more about accessing your account

Why I don't see my subscription?

You probably do not have any role in your account. This access is set on purchase or later by account owner with Dataedo Account.

Learn more about accessing your account

Why I don't have access to users?

You probably do not have enough access level to your account - required role is owner or admin.

Why I can't see the renewal/upgrade on my account?

  1. Purchase might not have been paid yet.
  2. Purchase might have been assigned to new account - there may be various reasons for this. Contact our sales - we probably will be able to fix this.

Why I can's see cost of subscription or amounts on orders?

If transaction is marked as a reseller transaction then amounts are hidden in the Dataedo Account.


How to upgrade my subscription to higher plan or add more users?

Contact our sales and let us know the details.

Do upgrades and more users work on prorated basis?


How to cancel my subscription?

Contact our sales

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