Steward Hub Overview

Marcin Zlotek - Dataedo Team Marcin Zlotek 4th July, 2024

Transform Your Data Management with Steward Hub

Steward Hub prepares suggestions for new objects and relations between them. It provides tools that makes documenting your metadata faster and easier.

Automate and Enhance Data Documentation

  • Do you need to group all tables, views and terms related to one of the processes in your company? Steward Hub enables group linking of assets to Domains and Areas.
  • Don't waste time looking for columns for terms and Lookups. Accept the prepared suggestions and enjoy the rich documentation. Create new terms so everyone can understand what the data you document is.
  • The table has an id column but it is not a key? Nothing is lost, check out the suggestions for primary keys and fill in the missing relationships.

Track progress

Thanks to the dashboards available for each feature, you can track the progress of documenting metadata. Verify which sources require the most time and start documenting there. New data sources have appeared? Refresh your suggestions and see if you can document something new.

Philosophy of Steward Hub

The goal behind the creation of Steward Hub was to help you with the most difficult part of working with metadata: documenting it. To make it easier, Steward Hub is focused on suggesting you ready-made solutions, adding objects and relations in groups. So that you don't get lost, everything has been grouped into modules, and navigating between them is made easier by a navigation tree and numerous hyperlinks.

Future Enhancements

We are constantly improving Steward Hub, adding new functionalities and adapting the product to customer expectations.

Next steps

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