Exporting descriptions to SQL Server

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x, 23.x

Dataedo allows exporting descriptions (from Description field) back to SQL Server database itself. This is implemented as a separate task under Export documentation menu.

Rich text fields

Some descriptions in Dataedo are entered in rich text format, including formatting, lists, tables, images etc. This is saved in Dataedo repository as HTML. Export function removes formatting and writes only plain text.

String length

Databases have different limitations in terms of maximum string length. Dataedo fields are longer and it is possible that descriptions exported to your database may be trucated if their lenth exceeds database capabilities.

Required permissions

ALTER permissions on objects you want to add extended property to (tables, views, functions, procedures, triggers).

Exporting descriptions

If you want to export descriptions please choose Export documentation in the ribbon. In dialog box choose Export descriptions to database.

Export wizard

Click Next and provide connection details (you will see connection details you provided at import/update).

Connection details

In next step you can filter objects you want to export to specific modules.

Choose modules

Now you can filter specific object types.

Choose object types

If you're exporting descriptions to SQL Server, and you have any custom fields in your repository, you will see an additional form for exporting custom fields to extended properties.

Let's skip it for now - to find out more read Exporting custom fields to extended properties.

Choose custom fields

When ready click Export button.

Congratulations, descriptions have been saved in your database.

Export finished

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