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Your data analytics and BI needs to grow so you decided to hire new people. But that doesn't mean you have new capacity. Your cost base grew, that's for sure. But new hires are not productive right away, they do not know the data or the domain. So, either they sit idle, or wasting time on trying to replicate what other already know, or they take away the time from your top people and your capacity for the few weeks (months?).

Hiring new people to your data team is hard and painful. But you can make it so much easier and efficient – just create and publish data documentation! That will be the teacher for all the new people, it will save time of your data gurus by not having to show them everything themselves! I have heard stories that all it takes to onboard new hire is to give them passwords, tools, a desk (sorry, obsolete), and a link to the documentation (more relevant than ever)…

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