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Great developers

Great developers

In the early days, we were all engineers – designing and building a working solution. Today, we're living in the age of specialization – we are front-end developers, back-end developers, UX designers, product managers and so on. Everyone wants to be the best in their field. It has a dark side in my opinion – it leads to people losing focus from the bigger picture. Many developers worship the technologies they work with, and forget about the problem they are solving and people they are solving it for.

User-Driven Development

User-Driven Development

I feel we should be dedicating more software to the users. Maybe addressing each line of code to them directly is the right way to do



Recently I visited a 2 day tech conference. A little content and new ideas, and a lot of fluff and self-promotion. It inspired me to draw this cartoon. I think you all recognize this type.

Here's a my weekly dose of inspiration for you:

Innovate, Think, Focus, Ideate, Reinvent, Iterate, Test, Impact, and Disrupt. Collaborate, Align, Change and Adapt. Deliver Continuously in Short Sprints to Minimize Time-to-Value.

Move Fast, Think Out of the Box and don’t be afraid to Break Things and Learn Quick. Break Silos, Challenge Status Quo and Hack your way to Accelerated Growth.

Shift Paradigms, Think Big Picture and Moonshots, but be Agile and Lean, and deliver Increments Fast in a Holistic Approach. Remember to Pivot often and Change the Rules of the Game.

Focus on Key Stakeholder Pain Points, and Grab Low Ganging Fruits for Quick Wins. Take Ownership to Drive Change. Strive to be a Thought Leader and bring Disruptive Actionable Opinions to the Table.

Crowdsource and Explore New Ideas, Democratize Change and Leverage Synergies of your Ecosystems. Build an Open, Customer-Centric, Innovative, and Data-Driven Culture. Connect The Dots for Actionable Insights.

Don’t be afraid to Adopt Early Cutting Edge State-of-the-Art Immersive Technologies for Game-Changing User Experiences.

But remember about Socially Responsible and Sustainable Growth and Minimizing your Footprint. Be Open and Inclusive. And make sure Everyone has a Seat at the Table for Diversity of Though and Fair Representation.

World is Shifting Tectonic Plates Under Our Feet. It’s going into a New Era, full of New Challenges and Opportunities. We all need to Adapt. It is a Hyperconnected Global Village with Endless Possibilities. A Greenfield in a Blue Ocean.

Let's all Make a World a Better Place.

Are you inspired yet? You're welcome.

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