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Szymon Karpęcki - Dataedo Team Szymon Karpęcki 19th July, 2022
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DataStax Astra DB is cloud-native Apache Cassandra database with pay-as-you-go pricing which greatly simplifies deploying production-ready Apache Cassandra instances. Dataedo provides a natvie connector to Astra DB databse.

Supported metadata

  • Table
    • Name
    • Schema
    • Description
    • Columns
      • Name
      • Data Type
      • Data Length
      • Description
    • Unique constraints
  • Materialized Views
  • Functions
    • Name
    • Schema
    • Definition
    • Parameters
  • Triggers
    • Name
    • Schema
    • Table name

Data profiling

Dataedo does not support Data Profiling for Astra DB.

Connect Dataedo to Astra DB

Generate Secure Connection Bundle

Connection Bundle is a file which contains information required by Dataedo to connect to your AstraDB instance. You can easily generate it through the AstraDB web dashboard.

  1. Open dashboard of a database which you want to document by clicking its' name on the Databases list.
  2. Open Connect tab.
  3. In Connect using driver section, open C# tab.
  4. Click Download Bundle button.
  5. Select connection bundle you wish to download.

connection bundle

Generate client key and secret key

Client and secret key are like username and password, but for programmatic access. You will need them to authenticate to your AstraDB instance with Dataedo. Credentials are on organization level, so you can generate them once and use to document all databases within organization. To generate them, open your DataStax AstraDB dashboard and go through following steps:

  1. Click on your organization name.
  2. Select Organization settings


  1. Open Token Management tab.
  2. Select Role. Read only user is minimal role required for Dataedo connection.
  3. Click Generate Token button.


After generating, you will see window with generated credentials. Make sure to store them safely (we recommend using password manager):

  1. Client ID - Client Key in Dataedo (Username).
  2. Client Secret - Secret Key in Dataedo (Password)
  3. Token - you won't need these value to connect Dataedo.
  4. You can save the Token Details in .csv file by clicking Download Token Details


Add new connection

To connect to Amazon DynamoDB with Athena create new documentation by clicking Add documentation and choosing Database connection.

Add connection

On the Add Documentation window, select Astra DB.

astra db

Connection details

  • Connection Bundle - select file generated in AstraDB dashboard.
  • Client key - Client ID generated in Generate client key and secret key section,
  • Secret Key - Client Secret generated in Generate client key and secret key section.
  • **Keyspace ** - type in keyspace name or click [...] and choose it from the list.

You can save password for later connections by checking Save password option. Passwords are saved in the repository database.


Importing metadata

Click Connect, and select objects to import. Click Next and set the documentation title. After succesfull import click Finish.


Your AstraDB keyspace has been imported to a new documentation in Dataedo.


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