Analysis Services (Azure, SQL Server, SSAS) Tabular

Szymon Karpęcki - Dataedo Team Szymon Karpęcki 26th October, 2021

This article describes Dataeedo connector to Analysis Services Tabular Model. For Analysis Services Multidimensional (including cubes and dimensions) see this article.

Supported versions

  • SQL Analysis Services (SSAS): 2016, 2017, 2019
  • Azure Analysis Services
  • Power BI Premium

Supported schema elements and metadata

  • Tables
    • Columns
      • Data type with length
      • Identity (is identity on)
      • Nullable
    • Calculated Columns
      • Data type with length
      • Calculate Formula
    • Measures
      • Data type with length
      • Calculation formula
    • KPIs
      • Data type with length
      • Condition
  • Primary keys
    • Columns
  • Foreign keys
    • Columns

Data profiling

Datedo does not support data profiling in SSAS Tabular.


Following model elements currently are not supported:

  • Hierarchies
  • Partitions
  • Roles

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