Microsoft Fabric - Power BI

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 23.x

Microsoft Fabric Power BI connector has all capabilities of our dedicated Power Bi connector. To get more insigth read about our Power BI connecotor.


How to Connect to Power Bi

Workspace access

To document the Power Bi workspace, you need to have at least Viewer access to the workspace. To verify it, simply open service, and see if the workspace to be documented is available to browse.

Documenting Dataset is available for Pro and Premium workspaces.

Connecting to Microsoft Fabric - Power BI

To connect to Power BI create new documentation by clicking Add documentation and choosing Database connection.

Connection to SQL Server

On the connection screen choose Power BI Reports and Datasets as DBMS

Dataedo Connection

or choose Ms Fabric and MS Fabric -Power BI from dedicated panel.

Image title

Image title

Connection Details

  • Workspaces - you can provide a workspace name by simply typing it or clicking Sign In button to log in to your Power Bi account and list available workspaces.
  • Premium Workspace checkbox - check this box if you have any problem with importing your workspace (this is an alternative method of connecting to Power Bi), available when your workspace has premium capacity.
  • XMLA Endpoint - if you have checked Premium Workspace, you will also see this box where you need to place the Endpoint. For instructions on how to get this value, see Connection Requirements.
  • Document only report pages - in case of timeouts, you can check this box. Dataedo will document only reports' pages, which should help avoid timeouts during the import process.

Dataedo Connection

After clicking the Sign In button to load workspaces you will need to authenticate and let Dataedo connect to your Power Bi Instance.

First, select the account on the Microsoft authentication screen:

Microsoft login

Then, if it's your first use of Dataedo, you need to accept the license agreement and give the required permissions to Dataedo.

Microsoft login2

After accepting the agreement you will see a list of workspaces:

Select workspace

Select Workspace


Click Connect and go through the import process.



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