Salesforce support

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x, 23.x

Salesforce native connector was introduced in Dataedo 10.1.


In order to connect you need to generate a Customer Key inside your Salesforce dashboard. You can find detailed instructions how to get that here:

Connect to Salesforce database

Supported metadata

  • Objects
    • System objects
    • Standard objects
    • Custom objects
    • External objects
  • Fields (System, Standard, Custom)
    • Data type
    • Length
    • Required
    • Unique
    • Default value
    • Formula
  • Triggers
    • Name
    • Script
  • Relations
    • Lookup relationship
    • Master-detailed relationship
    • External lookup relationship
    • Hierarchical relationship
    • Indirect lookup relationship
  • Labels
    • Labels for objects are documented as Title during first import, and in subsequent Import changes if Title field is empty.

Data lineage

Datedo does not support data lineage in Salesforce.

Data profiling

Datedo does not support data profiling in Salesforce.

Learn more

Connect to Salesforce

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