Amazon DocumentDB support

Michal Adamczyk - Dataedo Team Michal Adamczyk 4th June, 2024

Amazon DocumentDB is a fully managed database service by Amazon Web Services (AWS) designed to support MongoDB-compatible workloads. By using Dataedo, you can create comprehensive and well-organized documentation for your Amazon DocumentDB database, making it easier to understand, manage, and maintain.

Catalog and Documentation

Information about the collections in the DocumentDB database and metadata about their fields (or attributes) including their names, data types, and descriptions is imported. After import user can discover the schema of DocumentDB documents using ER diagrams as in the case of MongoDB.

Users will be also among others able to:

Required permissions

Because Dataedo only scans existing documents only read permissions are required.

Connecting to DocumentDB


If connecting with TLS enabled, appropriate certificates from Amazon PKCS7 cerificate bundle from must be previously installed.


To connect to DocumentDB you need to first click the Add button on the left upper corner and choose New connection.

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From the sources choose Amazon DocumentDB.

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Now data necessary to establish a connection between Dataedo and the DocumentDB database must be provided. Two connection types are available: Values(visible on screen below) and Connection string.

When connecting to the database using Values option specified must be:

  • Host - hostname of server where DocumentDB instance is located, for example,
  • Username - name of the user
  • Password - user password
  • Timeout (s) - number of seconds after which the connection attempt will be interrupted

Optionally user can specify following options:

  • Auth database - the authentication database to use, if unspecified, the client will attempt to authenticate the specified user to the admin database
  • Replica set - name of the replica set
  • Use TLS - enables TLS
  • SRV - enabled SRV

In the case of Connection string connection type user needs to specify the:

  • Connection string - URI that defines connection between applications

To learn more about possible connection options that can be set in connection string visit: Connection Options

Independently of choosing the connection type specified must be:

  • Database - name of database to be documented

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After clicking Connect Dataedo will start retrieving database objects, and when it finishes, it will display a window that allows to choose object types to import. Checking the Advanced fillters checkbox enables to define more complex filters.

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Confirm which objects are to be imported by clicking Next. You will see a window that allows changing the default name of the documentation under which it will be visible in the Dataedo repository. This name can be changed later.

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Click Import to start the import process. Wait until the import process is completed.

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Close the import window using Finish button. Your DocumentDB database has been imported to new documentation in the repository.

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Connector specification

Supported versions: 3.6, 4.0, 5.0

Imported metadata

Imported Editable
   Data types
   Fields descriptions
   Required (as not nullable)
  Collections descriptions
  Primary keys

Supported features

Feature Supported
Data profiling
Data classification
Data lineage
Reference data (import lookups)
Importing from DDL
Generating DDL
FK relationship tester

Known issues and limitations

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